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Shishu Mangal Orphanage Drive

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

The children there have no one who takes care of them, neither mother to love nor father who shows them what is right and wrong. They have no grandparents to read them interesting stories and no siblings to fight with. They are the orphans that the busy city of Hyderabad seems to have forgotten. Residing on the outskirts of Hyderabad, these people wait for visitors all day long. They find happiness in our smiles and they find satisfaction in anything we give. 

A few weeks ago, when we were on our way to our daily errands, we passed an orphanage. As we passed quickly we could not observe all the details, but we could see that the girls and boys staying there had no proper clothes. The sanitation was not in the best condition either. We visited the orphanage to see if they children staying here were in need of help. They sure were. We noted down that they needed clothes, books/stationary, unprocessed/uncooked food, toys etc. We decided to conduct a drive.

The story is about the “HOPE” NGO helping young girls and boys to cope up with lockdown physiologically. We created posters and distributed them to all the residents in order to convince them to donate. We even baked banana nut muffins and gave them as a token of appreciation to the donors. We collected donations across our communities and supplied them to the orphanage. We placed multiple cardboard boxes with different labels in all the communities we conducted the drive in.

We donated them books to boost their morale along with toys and games for their recreational activities. We donated them all sizes of clothes after thoroughly washing them to improve the sanitation standards. All the new stationary items would motivate them to study and food for a healthy diet. The light upon their faces while we were giving them these items is unforgettable.

We will do many more activities like this and support everyone who are either forgotten or underestimated. For those who have hope for better tomorrow, a dream for universal upliftment (antyodaya) and courage to work for that dream and hope, we welcome you to support us and join us. For the nation, nature, and humanity...we shall thrive together and lead human civilization to sustainability. 

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