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Homemade meals and masks during COVID-19

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

During the current situations where there has been an enforced lockdown and many people were out of jobs, we decided to take an initiative. As there was no work, many people's daily expenses that depended on their daily wages were affected. One of the basic needs is food. As the government has taken initiatives for cooking for the underprivileged, we decided to do our part for a nearby slum in Gowlidoddi. These slums could not be reached by the government just yet, so we decided to cook for them.

For our first cooking meals programme, our goal was to feed 100 homeless people. We cooked vegetable fried rice along with chicken curry. While packing however, we exceeded and crossed our preliminary goal by packing over 200 boxes. The more food, the more people we would be able to help. We decided to distribute face masks on the same day as the food.

After cooking for the first half of the day along with our team, we drove to the massive slum area in our society and distributed the packaged food along with a face mask for each person. Due to the covid situation, we explained them how to treat food, their shelter and wearing masks in Telugu so they would understand. As a part of the sanitation program, we ensured that our entire team wore masks, and applied hand sanitiser. We cooked in a completely sterile condition for there to be no harmful affects later on.

There a range of people from all age groups and their happy and relieved expressions really brightened up our team's day and motivated us to do more projects and activities like this in the future.

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